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Manufactured Selection


argent block paving argent block paving

Driveline is a UK Best Seller, well known for quality and durability. It is available in a wide range of rich colours that can be blended together to create new patterns and designs. Using Drive will also help lower our carbon footprint than ever before, further this enhances this products glowing reputation.

Drivesett Tegular

tegular argent block paving

Drivesett Tegular is our most popular 'aged look' block paving in the UK. It is well know for its quality and durability and is available in five rich colour blends and five different sizes, meaning that this product can allow for a truly individual look.


driveline 50 driveline 50

Heritage paving boasts a natural riven look. It is cast from genuine split stone flags with mason fettled edges and its Weathered Yorkstone colour is protected by Active Shield to look better for longer.

Drivesett Argent

driveline 50 driveline 50

Drivesett Argent is an attractive, more affordable alternative to Granite Setts. It's available in three contemporary colours with mixed size packs containing the correct proportion of sizes for a more efficient, less wasteful lay. Random laying of the mixed size packs can allow for a great individual look and feel to your property.

Argent Slabs

driveline 50 driveline 50

Argent smooth consists of a beautiful blend of British granite aggregates, with a modern and sophisticated look to your patio in various colours and textures available to encourage the use of bold geometric patterns


driveline 50 driveline 50

Marshalls Cobbletech driveway system has been designed to create a realistic, antique cobbled look which will suit a wide variety of house types from established period properties to modern contemporary homes. Cobbletech is available in 5 sizes and 3 colours; basalt, iron grey and canvas.


driveline 50 driveline 50

Saxon paving features real Yorkstone aggregates in a textured surface with a coarse granular appearance. This product is a firm favourite for families. It is ideal for family gardens due to its non-slip properties even when wet. A number of additional products are available including stepping stones, circles and octant design features as well as edging to help finish off paths and patio borders.

Natural Stone Selection

Fairstone Drivesetts

argent block paving argent block paving

Fairstone Setts provide a premium look and a touch of luxury. Fairstone Setts come in a range of sizes and colours will help achieve a truly bespoke and prestigious installation. All Fairstone products are Carbon Labelled and ethically sourced.

Fairstone Eclipse Granite

saxon saxon

Marshalls Eclipse Granite garden paving is part of our Fairstone range which is ethically sourced and is fine grained with a smooth flame texture. It comes in 3 coordinating contemporary colours (dark, light and graphite) with complimentary setts available.

Fairstone Limestone Slabs

priora priora

Fairstone Limestone is a distinctive and durable range of natural stone, which suits any house types. The natural properties and veining within Limestone can create a stunning, unique patio installation.

Fairstone Riven Slabs

priora priora

Marshalls Indian Sandstone garden paving is part of its budget range of natural Indian sandstone. It is sourced from the same quarries as its premium calibrated range. Indian sandstone circle kits are also available.

Fairstone Split Slabs

priora priora

Fairstone Sawn has a visibly smooth surface has a lightly sandblasted and brushed finish with fine edge finishes. With its ultra-contemporary clean lines this carefully hand selected product will add prestige to your property

Fairstone Sawn Slabs

priora priora

Fairstone Setts have been split and tumbled to create a truly individual rustic look. Fairstone Split and Tumbled Setts provide a premium look to any property. Fairstone Split and Tumbled Stone Setts are ethically sourced from the finest Indian Sandstone

Fairstone Granite Setts

priora priora

Granite Setts provide the ideal natural rustic or contemporary finishing touch. Available in carefully selected contemporary Silver Grey colour, Granite Setts complement Fairstone Setts and Drivesett Argent perfectly.